Tired of the Rain: Think Small

It’s easy to grow irritated when bad weather persists. Days of being snowbound or pummeling rain can turn our moods sour.

It’s been pouring here for the past few days, torrents of rain causing freeway accidents and delays, and making going anywhere, even just a few blocks, a challenge. Before I leave the house, even for the quickest errand, I have to pull on my rain boots, zip up my raincoat, and open my largest and most sturdy umbrella. My dog, Frank,who hates even the hint of rain, refuses to go into the backyard to pee, and this morning I spent a half hour, golf umbrella aloft, urging him to venture forth.

Feeling grumpier and grumpier, I understood I needed to do something to shift my mood. Something small. So I went into my bedroom and opened the window near my bed. Then I lay down and listened to the rain as it landed on the outcropping of my roof over head. Tap, tap, pitter patter, pitter patter, splash, splash.

Within a few minutes of listening to the rain dance above me, my mood began to shift. And although I was certainly not joyful as I pulled my boots on yet again, I felt calmer and more appreciative of the renewing power of the rain and the sweet music it creates.

2 thoughts on “Tired of the Rain: Think Small”

  • I like the sound of the rain too and it also reminds me of a more practical aspect: Mother Earth, our home, still needs water, especially in the form of snow to abate a Climate Change disaster. Nice piece of writing and once again, GREAT picture.

    May Peace Prevail,

    • Glad you like to listen to the rain, too. Indeed, given our worries about drought, I’m always so grateful for rain these days. Even when it seems to last forever.

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