Cover of the book "Small: The Little We Need for Happiness" by Jane Anne StawEver since I began writing my book “Small: The Little We Need for Happiness,” I’ve been practicing thinking and seeing small. Once somebody who frequently felt overwhelmed and anxious, easily discouraged and even depressed, by thinking small, I have discovered a whole new world of joy, peace and connection.

In my book, I invite you, the reader, along on my journey, as I learn to shift my perspective away from disappointments that loom large in my psyche, a multitude of commitments, an endless “to-do” list, and scenes of blight and decay that drag me down, to learning to set my sights on one commitment I look forward to, a moment of beauty within the blight and decay, a pinprick of light within disappointment.

Once you learn how to think and see small, and have practiced for a while, whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or depressed, you can remind yourself to make the shift, and your mood will improve. But it takes practice. In honor of my book’s publication, and to help you practice seeing small, I’m going to post twice-weekly suggestions for how to think or see small in different situations. Follow any of these that apply to you, and I wager you will soon join me as a proponent of small.