Small: The Little We Need for Happiness

(Shanti Arts Publishing, 2018)

I often felt overwhelmed and depressed – until I discovered the power of small. My life shifted away from disappointments, excessive commitments and an endless “To Do” list.  A sense of contentment settled in. My mood improved. As I discovered beauty amid blight and decay, happiness flooded me – and it stayed.

(If you’re struggling right now, this perspective might feel impossible. Finding joy in small things is a practice. I invite you to join me in practicing small. Finding the beauty outside you encourages your inner beauty to bloom).

Some of my small moments include:

  • Just Hello: I learn the power of a simple hello to help a lonely person feel connected.
  • One Yoga Pose: Paying full attention in Savasana one day, I discover that this single pose contains the entire life cycle.
  • Small Favors: A neighbor teaches me that favors do not have to be heroic to offer immense relief.
  • Word by Word: Once a blocked writer, I free myself by writing poetry, one word at a time.
  • A Single Breath: Feeling very anxious one day, I slow my breath down and realize that every single breath connects me to the world around me.

In my book, Small: The Little We Need for Happiness, you come along with me and we learn together, as I live one day at a time.


Cover of the book "Small: The Little We Need for Happiness" by Jane Anne Staw