(Shanti Arts Publishing, 2018)

Known as someone who worried about every little thing, always anticipated the worst possible outcome, and generally allowed her thoughts to get far ahead of life’s actual circumstance, author Jane Anne Staw was one day inspired to think small. Over time, thinking small developed into a central practice in Staw’s life, and what followed was life-changing. In all facets of her life, she experienced a shift away from anger, depression, overwhelm, and loneliness to affection, calm, and connection. These short and insightful essays about some of life’s most common occurrences are meditations and exercises in thinking small and discovering a life of profound contentment and wellbeing.

Cover of the book "Small: The Little We Need for Happiness" by Jane Anne Staw

“If you want to make a subtle but profound shift in your life, Small will show you the way.” — Sally Srok


“The beautifully written essays each circle around their theme in different ways, and as I made my way through the book, I could feel what they had to say beginning to gather somewhere inside me.” — Brian Gentes


“If you’re open to approaching life through a slightly different focus, if you want to spend time with a writer of exquisite prose who’s generous of spirit and willing to show how she altered her own approach, who shares her struggles and joys, intellect and soul with her readers, then read this book. — BookLady (Amazon Review)