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Cover of the book "Small: The Little We Need for Happiness" by Jane Anne Staw
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I’m a writer who is excited about my new book, Small: The Little We Need for Happiness. A collection of 26 personal essays, Small invites you to come along as I learn to transform my perspective from large—which often invites overwhelm, anxiety and anger—to small.  I discovered—and you will too—that small brings with it joy, serenity and abundance, along with a stronger connection to the world at large.

I’m a writing coach who is passionate about working with writers on everything from writing inhibitions and blocks to your writing projects, both fiction and nonfiction. Nothing makes me happier than witnessing my clients move toward expression and creativity, and to watch the number of words and pages accumulate and take shape.
I’m a teacher who loves the community created by a group of writers, all with the common goal of learning the elements of craft and enriching their own writing, as well as practicing the art of enlightened reading of their fellow writers’ work.