I often felt overwhelmed and depressed – until I discovered the power of small.

My life shifted away from disappointments, excessive commitments and an endless “To Do” list.  A sense of contentment settled in.  My mood improved.  As I discovered beauty amid blight and decay, happiness flooded me – and it stayed.*

Some of my small moments include:

  • Just Hello: I learn the power of a simple hello to help a lonely person feel connected.
  • One Yoga Pose: Paying full attention in Savasana one day, I discover that this single pose contains the entire life cycle.
  • Small Favors: A neighbor teaches me that favors do not have to be heroic to offer immense relief.
  • Word by Word: Once a blocked writer, I free myself by writing poetry, one word at a time.
  • A Single Breath: Feeling very anxious one day, I slow my breath down and realize that every single breath connects me to the world around me.

In my book, Small: The little we need for happiness, you come along with me and we learn together, as I live one day at a time.

* If you’re struggling right now, this perspective might feel impossible. Finding joy in small things is a practice. I will soon invite you to join me in practicing small. Finding the beauty outside you encourages your inner beauty to bloom.



“Small helps us reclaim our sense of wonder and see each moment with fresh eyes.” — James Baraz

“… a guidebook of sorts on how to strip away the unnecessary to uncover the essential.” — Frances Dinkelspiel

“What a beautiful treasure of a book. Jane Anne Staw reminds us, in exquisite prose, to stop and really see. When we see the small things, we realize of course that they aren’t small at all and that slowing down, stopping, watching brings us great joy. Anything worthy of our consideration and gaze reminds us to wake up to this life, to be in the moment, to live fully with the innumerable gifts each of our lives offer, if only we would see and consider them.” — Leslie (Amazon Review)

“Such an amazing reminder of how to live!” — Seana Condit-Gordon (Amazon Review)