For the past 20 years I have been coaching Bay Area writers.  Once a very blocked writer myself, I can support you through everything from writer’s block, to creating a memoir, novel, or work of nonfiction. As a teacher in MFA in Writing programs and at UC Berkeley Extension, I can help you master the elements of writing.  And as a writer who has overcome my own inhibitions, I can lead you on your journey through block to self- expression.



Jane Anne’s gift of recognizing story-telling potential and helping to realize it has made an extraordinary difference in my ability to move through the stages of a large writing project that, very likely, would not otherwise have come to fruition. In addition to helping me find and trust the specific voice my work needed, our sessions have helped preserve the essential qualities of the work when my instincts would likely have discarded many of them.

Craig Pratt, Human Resources Expert, author with Amy Oppenheimer of Investigating Workplace Harassment: How to Be Fair, Thorough, and Legal and Jaw Dropping: Stories from the Workplace.


Jane Anne is a wonderful writing coach. She is supportive, yet rigorous. She doesn’t nit-pick, but digs deep and asks the important questions about your writing and your goals. When I emerge from an hourly session with Jane Anne, I feel invigorated and ready to re-think and improve my work. I’m never discouraged. I’m motivated and re-newed.

Karen Galatz, Award-winning Journalist (formerly with MacNeil/Lehrer) and author of the blog “Muddling Through Middle Age.”


A lifesaver. Anyone stuck anywhere in the writing process will find solace, companionship and a brilliant way out in UNSTUCK. POEMCRAZY would not exist without Jane Anne. She creatively, lovingly, patiently guided me and she can do it for you. UNSTUCK will transform your relationship to your writing and wisely help free you into your true writing self.

Susan G. Wooldridge, Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life With Words, Three Rivers, Random House


I found Jane Anne to be a writing coach of unflinching integrity. UNSTUCK is filled with honesty, compassion and a lyrical pose that leaves its indelible impressions on you long after you’ve put the book down. It will become every writer’s companion.

Regina Louise, Somebody’s Someone, Warner Books


I could not have written my first book were it not for Jane Anne. Her support and enthusiasm kept me going when my head was saying, “You can’t write this book.” Jane Anne’s ability to understand my message and her breadth of vision… made it possible for me to write.

Susan Halpern, The Etiquette of Illness: What To Say When You Can’t Find the Words, Bloomsbury


Jane Anne helped me find my voice, providing texture and context to my ideas. “Unstuck” myself, I wrote my second book in two months, and it will be published later this year.

Jane Anne helps writers learn more productive ways to approach their writing. She teaches them not to fear beginning, or expect perfection in the first sitting. She helps release the harsh self-critic that impedes writing, and shows them how to turn to the subjects and audience they write best for.

Guy T. Saperstein, Civil Warrior: Memoirs of a Civil Rights Attorney


It may sound hyperbolic to say that working with Jane Anne changed my life. Yet my writing history had ended, or so I thought, when I dropped out from a Ph.D. program since I knew I could never write the thesis. How did Jane Anne help a 60+ psychiatrist, who knew all the reasons for his block already, finally deliver? I sum it up as her form of tough love for writers, her bottom line faith and empathy, combined with practice.

Neal Blumenfeld, M.D., The Inheritance Follies


Jane Anne is like a siren, luring the negative voices that inhabit every writer’s soul into submission. Her honest, insightful techniques demystify the sometimes paralyzing condition of being a writer, while allowing the magic and mystery of the process to flourish.

Rebecca Di Liberto, MFA in Writing candidate, Columbia University