New Benefits of Small

I’ve discovered a new benefit of small. By the time I finished writing my book, I thought I had explored all the good I could accrue from thinking and seeing small. And ever since my book was published, I’ve continued practicing whenever I find myself escalating a small—or even a big—worry.

A few weeks ago, I was in a minor car accident bringing my granddaughters home from soccer. For the next few days I found myself imagining all the horrors that could have fallen upon us. When friends reminded me to be grateful that nobody had been hurt, I instantly imagined a variation of our accident, with the pickup backing into the rear passenger door, on the other side of which precious Poppy sat buckled into her car seat.

It was only once I remembered to think small that I was able to stop tormenting myself. I quickly recalled Poppy’s exclamations when I returned to the car after exchanging information with the pick-up driver: “Oh, Gram,” she yelled gleefully, hands smacking her cheeks, “you should see your car. It has a huge scratch, then a big dent and then a hole. Come look!”

And thinking small worked. Whenever I turned my mind to Poppy’s glee, the frightening images dissipated, and a huge grin broke across my face.

But now I have discovered a new benefit of thinking and seeing small: not only can it lift negative experiences, it can make positive experiences even better.

Tune in next week to discover how I made this discovery and how I have been applying it.

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