It Would Be Enough

A grade-school friend I hadn’t been in touch with for decades, learned about my book, ordered it and began reading it. As she read, she emailed me her responses and reactions. Along the way, she told me something about the life she has lived. In each email, her words communicated how warm, loving and supportive she is. Though I haven’t seen or heard from her in years and years and years, I know I like her and want to keep her in my life. One of her two sons lives in Healdsburg, and I’m hoping the next time she and her husband come to visit from the East Coast, we will be able to see each other.
Although I feel obliged to keep promoting my book, a large part of me understands that if reconnecting with my old friend were the only outcome of writing and publishing, it would be enough.

7 thoughts on “It Would Be Enough”

  • The next generation is listening! I hope to accompany my mother-in-law to meet you the next time she comes to visit us in Healdsburg.

  • Right on! One never knows how far the rings go after pitching a pebble in the pond! Thanx for sharing your thoughts, Jane Anne

    • Hello Roxine, I’m so glad you subscribed to my blog after hearing me on the radio. And I hope your own writing is taking off.
      You’re so correct here: One tiny pebble can create so many far-reaching rings!

  • I admire good writers and you are now in my field of admiration. My thanks to the subject of your most recent post for the introduction. I , Just today , discovered Melissa Blake, a free lancer from Illinois writing about the 50th anniversary of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood – a line of hers about Fred Rogers “I’m reminded every day that one person does have the power to make the world a better place, and we owe it to the next generation to ensure they know that sort of kindness.” Kathy climbed up on my old 54 Chevy ice cream truck “down the shore” maybe 55 years ago this summer – she has made my world a better place ever since. Grove Conrad

    • Thanks so much for your note, Grove. I used to love watching Mr.Rogers with my son, Jonah. Mr. Rogers was right: one person can make a tremendous difference. And I appreciate how one little girl who climbed up on your ice cream truck at the shore has made a difference in your life. I cannot fill her shoes, but I hope I can make a small difference for you. Have you read my book? It’s all about small.

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