Small Helps Resolve a Dilemma

Today, I was faced with a dilemma: the woman who schedules appointments for my acupuncturist had phoned to ask me to bring a copy of my book to the office for her. “I’ve read some of it and want my own copy,” she told me. “I’ll leave you payment.”

Flattered and pleased, I brought a copy to my very next appointment and left it for her in her office. At my following appointment, my acupuncturist handed me a $20.00 bill with a note attached. “I’m not sure whether you expect payment, but just in case, I’m leaving this bill to pay for the cost of the book.”

What do I do now? I thought as I read. She said she would pay and I’d like to be paid. I worked hard to publish this book. But she’s so lovely, and it was so kind of her to phone and ask for a copy, I should offer it as a gift.

My dilemma became all the more difficult because my acupuncturist knows me very well, and could see by observing me, that I was flustered. “It’s completely up to you,” he assured me. “There is no wrong answer.” Now I felt even more pressured,. I respect my acupuncturist a great deal, and now he too would know of my decision.

“What would you do?” I asked.

“It’s in no way up to me,” he replied. “I trust you’ll find the answer.”

As I got onto the treatment table and lay down, I continued rushing back and forth. Be professional; ask her to pay. Forget professional, be kind. You don’t need that $20.00. Be professional. Be kind! Be professional. Be kind.

A few minutes into my treatment, I had calmed down, and knew just what to do: Think small!

The ideal response arrived immediately. Once I was off the table and had put on my shoes and watch, I wrote the following note and attached it to the $20.00 bill she had left for me: “Thank you so much for requesting my book. I’m so pleased you like it. If you would recommend it to one or two people, that would be more than enough payment.”

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5 thoughts on “Small Helps Resolve a Dilemma”

  • Also, yes, lovely…and I wholly get your dilemma! I would like to know a bit more about how you “thought small” to get to your solution; how you shifted from the quandary…bon voyage again

    • Good question. NSinbce I’ve been practicing thinking small for some time now, I can stop for a moment, take a breath, and simply think, think small,and I feel something within me shift. What’s important is that thinking this helps me stop perseverating, going back and forth and back and forth, and shift my focus. I know this doesn’t explain fully, and I like your question, so I’ll continue to think about this for a while, then let you know what I’ve come up with.

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