After a Long Absence

I’m taking up my blog again, hoping to make one posting a week from now–until eternity. I’m taking up my blog again, and at the same time, I’m enlarging it. I originally wrote about writing and writing practice, exploring for my readers how to work through writing inhibitions and blockages and become intimate with their writing. And I still plan to write on this topic frequently. But in the past few years, I’ve discovered a new way of being in the world—I call it seeing small–and I want to write about that as well.

Of course, since I’m a writer and work with writers every day, much of what I post will still concern writing. I plan to write about topics like Thinking Small to Write Big, How to Give Yourself Permission to Write, and How to Allow Your True Voice to Emerge.

As well, I will explore strategies for–along with the power of–thinking small. I began thinking small several years ago. After a few months, I realized that my new perspective was beginning to change my life. So I started writing about it. I wrote about thinking small for several years and ended up with a collection of essays, which will be published at the end of this year by Shanti Arts Publishing. The book will be my evidence of just how thinking small helped me to write big. It will also invite readers along on my journey as I learned to shift my perspective from large—which often led to anxiety, loneliness and feelings of failure—to small—which paradoxically helped me arrive at contentedness, fulfillment and connection.

Along the way to small, I began taking photos that capture, for me, the joys of small. Where I once saw blight and decay, I learned to isolate small moments of grace and beauty. I’ll include one of these photos with each post to help readers see just how seeing small can lead to moments of exquisite pleasure.

Rebar Rust

I’m so happy to be back, and welcome you—and any of your thoughts or responses, and your friends–along.

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