Writing Practice

Writing in the New Year

Writing in the New Year

It’s a new year, and time to take a look at your writing practice.

Praise Yourself When You Write

Praise Yourself When You Write

If you’ve ever been plagued by writing inhibitions, it’s important that you praise yourself once you’ve established a regular writing practice–no matter how small.

Gathering Momentum

I often ask the writers I’m working with to check in with me after they write.  Nothing elaborate, just a note to let me know how the writing felt that day.  If you are struggling, writing can be a lonely space, so knowing I’m on […]

A Suggestion

Suggestion for a Writing Practice Here’s a suggestion for finding your way out of a writing block or period of frustration:  Think of something you do on a regular basis.  It can be anything, as mundane as brushing your teeth or taking out the trash.  […]

Choosing to Write

Choosing to Write Although I’ve been working with writers for many years, exploring with them and within myself, all the misconceptions and anxieties that keep us from writing, I still do not understand fully—as if we ever understand anything fully—why it is so easy for […]

The Myth of Inspiration

A Change of Pace A local radio station announced an intriguing contest this week: they invited writers who had written or wanted to write a 60-second story to call the station’s number and read the story into the phone.  The station would then choose a […]