Sitting down

The Solitude of Writing

For Whom Are You Writing? Recently, several clients have talked about how lonely and isolated they feel when they are writing, how the solitude is difficult for them to tolerate. As I’ve reflected on the struggle of these writers, I realized that their difficulty is […]

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Listening to Yourself I’m just finishing up a proposal for a collection of short personal essays titled “Small.”  I have no idea whether these pieces so dear to me will find a home or not.  But I am certain that writing them was a rich […]


The Noise Factor Jeannie McCormack’s comment about ear plugs reminded me that I haven’t talked about the noise factor and writing.  But even before I broach that topic, it might be a good time for me to explain why I’m writing so much about what […]

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CREATING A MINDSET If you have settled on the best time and place to write, and are still having difficulty sitting down, you might take about five minutes or so to relax and create a mindset conducive to writing.  Here’s how to do this: 1.  […]

More Even Before Sitting Down

While you’re thinking about where you would feel most comfortable writing, you should also consider what time would be optimal (it’s best to write at the same time every day).  First, reflect on when during the day you consistently feel the most alert and energized.  […]

Recharging our Batteries

I’ve worked with several clients lately who were able to sit down and begin writing, but found themselves feeling restless and distracted after 15 minutes to half an hour.  They all concluded that they had a ridiculously short attention span.  This isn’t true, of course. […]

Keeping Writers Writing

Hello Writers, This is a blog to keep writers writing.  Once a terribly blocked writer myself, I am now a published writer and professor in an M.F.A. program.  Over the years, I have worked with writers who have difficulty with all phases of the writing […]