Nurturing a Life-Long Writing Practice

I often speak to writers, individually and in classes and workshops, about establishing and sustaining a life-long writing practice.  Most are hungry for what I have to say, and remain rapt for my entire spiel.  But last week, speaking to the participants of this year’s […]

Hoarding Self-Criticism

So many of the writers I work with are hoarders.  Not of old newspapers and magazines, rubber bands or bag ties, but of self criticism. They think nothing of telling themselves that they’re wasting their time writing, that nobody will like what they write; nobody […]

How Long Should I Write?

  I’ve been reminded recently, both by clients and by my own hectic life, that we often stay away from our writing because of a misconception about just how much time we should set aside before we even think about sitting down to write.  I […]

The Solitude of Writing

For Whom Are You Writing? Recently, several clients have talked about how lonely and isolated they feel when they are writing, how the solitude is difficult for them to tolerate. As I’ve reflected on the struggle of these writers, I realized that their difficulty is […]


What You Should Be Writing At a reunion of participants in a weekend writing retreat I led in July, one of the writers mentioned that she felt guilty because she was not writing what she should be writing. “What do you mean?” I asked her. […]