Making Your Writing World Safe

Regular Writing Windows May Not be Right for Everyone

Regular Writing Windows May Not be Right for Everyone

Maybe I’m Not So Right After writing on and on about setting aside a regular time to write, I spoke to a writer who, unknowingly, has forced me to rethink my advice. This writer told me that after trying and trying to set aside a […]

Sparing the Writer

I often ask the writers I’m working with to check in with me after they write.  Nothing elaborate, just a note to let me know how the writing felt that day.  If you are struggling, writing can be a lonely space, so knowing I’m on […]

Nurturing a Life-Long Writing Practice

I often speak to writers, individually and in classes and workshops, about establishing and sustaining a life-long writing practice.  Most are hungry for what I have to say, and remain rapt for my entire spiel.  But last week, speaking to the participants of this year’s […]

Hoarding Self-Criticism

So many of the writers I work with are hoarders.  Not of old newspapers and magazines, rubber bands or bag ties, but of self criticism. They think nothing of telling themselves that they’re wasting their time writing, that nobody will like what they write; nobody […]

Creating a Writing Window

A writer I’m working with, who has struggled with writing inhibition, decided he wanted to write every day.  So he made a commitment, set up his schedule around writing each morning, went to bed, got up the next day, and began walking toward his writing […]

Choosing an Ideal Reader

  So often when we sit down to write, we bring with us a chorus of nay-sayers.    All those people we’ve encountered throughout our lifetime who have been unkind to us or critical of what we’ve said or done.   The chorus might consist of one […]

Gathering Momentum, Part I

WRITING AFTER A LONG SILENCE  This is a confession and a celebration.  I haven’t been writing for quite a while.  My silence on the page was due mainly to a book proposal which my agent loved but which none of the editors she showed it […]


PERFECTIONISM I Most of the writers I work with have wrestled with perfectionism at some point during their writing career.  When I struggled most with my own writing during college, I rewrote my opening paragraphs so many times that when I finally turned a term […]

How Long Should I Write?

  I’ve been reminded recently, both by clients and by my own hectic life, that we often stay away from our writing because of a misconception about just how much time we should set aside before we even think about sitting down to write.  I […]

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Weeding Out Your Critics I’ve known for a long time that internal critics loom large in keeping writers from their writing.  I learned this first for myself, when I realized that one of the people responsible for my block was Mrs. E. Dora Lauck, my […]