Even Before Sitting Down

After a Long Absence

After a Long Absence

I’m taking up my blog again, hoping to make one posting a week from now–until eternity. I’m taking up my blog again, and at the same time, I’m enlarging it. I originally wrote about writing and writing practice, exploring for my readers how to work […]

Nurturing a Life-Long Writing Practice

I often speak to writers, individually and in classes and workshops, about establishing and sustaining a life-long writing practice.  Most are hungry for what I have to say, and remain rapt for my entire spiel.  But last week, speaking to the participants of this year’s […]

Choosing an Ideal Reader

  So often when we sit down to write, we bring with us a chorus of nay-sayers.    All those people we’ve encountered throughout our lifetime who have been unkind to us or critical of what we’ve said or done.   The chorus might consist of one […]

How Long Should I Write?

  I’ve been reminded recently, both by clients and by my own hectic life, that we often stay away from our writing because of a misconception about just how much time we should set aside before we even think about sitting down to write.  I […]