Taking a Break from Writing

  If you’ve been working on a particular writing project for some time—a story, a novel, or a memoir—and begin feeling uninspired, lackluster, or unable to write, is it a good idea to take a break from writing? This is a natural question for a writer […]

Thinking Small to Write Big

This summer, I’m going to teach an online course called “Thinking Small to Write Big.” I’ve never taught this course before; the idea emerged from my book Small: The Little We Need for Happiness as a way to incorporate all I’ve discovered about small into […]

Writing in Pods

Writing in Pods

Many of the writers I work with believe that writing is–and must be–a linear process. When they first sit down to write, whether it’s a short story, a poem, an essay or a novel, they think they have to start at the very beginning–first words, […]

What Should I Be Writing About?

What Should I Be Writing About?

After I received a contract for my book Small: The Little We Need for Happiness several months ago, I found myself at a loss for what I could now begin writing. I had spent so much of the previous few years writing and revising the essays, then submitting the manuscript to small presses, that its acceptance at Shanti Arts left a surprising vacuum in my life.

After a Long Absence

After a Long Absence

I’m taking up my blog again, hoping to make one posting a week from now–until eternity. I’m taking up my blog again, and at the same time, I’m enlarging it. I originally wrote about writing and writing practice, exploring for my readers how to work […]

Finding Your Breath

Last night, I was reminded of a lesson I’d already learned, but had forgotten.  A newer client and I had been struggling to establish a footing for our relationship. Each time we met, I felt as if we were standing on a major fault line, […]

Writing As A Tiny Habit

Somebody recently told me about a website called “Tiny Habits.” Since one of the main tenets of my approach to working through writing inhibition is to think small, the name appealed immediately to me.  By thinking not only large but humongously, so many of the […]

Stop-and-G0 Writing

So many writers I’ve worked with write as if they are driving in stop-and-go traffic.  They sit down to write, gather some momentum, then something inevitably presents itself to make them slow way way down, or more likely stop.  This something can be anything from […]

Sparing the Writer

I often ask the writers I’m working with to check in with me after they write.  Nothing elaborate, just a note to let me know how the writing felt that day.  If you are struggling, writing can be a lonely space, so knowing I’m on […]

Nurturing a Life-Long Writing Practice

I often speak to writers, individually and in classes and workshops, about establishing and sustaining a life-long writing practice.  Most are hungry for what I have to say, and remain rapt for my entire spiel.  But last week, speaking to the participants of this year’s […]